Wednesday, November 30, 2011

watch: funny people get in the mood for christmas in the malls

Once the holiday season hits, I'm in the mood 24/7. [I mean the holiday happy mood, but I guess it works both ways....]

Improv Everywhere also got in the mood with their latest skit, all about [never] being too old to sit on Santa's lap. It's fabulous, as they always are.

Even better, my friend Preston Leatherman, whose music video I was in last year wearing my Twitter bird costume, has been doing "Dancing with an iPod" videos, and he did this one that's Christmas themed. SO. GOOD. I love messing around in public.

Yea, I'm TOTALLY jealous I can't do something like that [because I can't copy, duh!]. Bravo, darling. It was beautiful. Especially when you got totally dissed from a high-five.

Happy holiday season! Have you decorated yet? I sure did!


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