Tuesday, November 1, 2011

tunes on tuesday 110111

Completely forgot last week, I'm SORRY! But I'm back on my meds and remembering things so let's holla at some new music!

Young the Giant--> Cough Syrup

It's very Coldplay. It's different, it's chill, it's not my style, but I feel like it could to pretty well. We shall see.

Erin Bowman--> Problem

It's definitely the typical "beginner's pop song." I think she has a lot of potential, and I definitely like it, so we'll see where she runs with it.

Lady Gaga--> Marry the Night

I feel the same about this song as all of her other recent songs. It's meh at first listen, but it could grow on me. I'm sure it'll have to. Listeners love it.

Guinevere--> Crazy Crazy

I would say it's different, but every girl is trying to be different now. I don't mind it, but I don't know if it'll take off.

Freesol ft. JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE--> Role Model

I don't remember if I posted this last time or not, but if you haven't heard this song yet, GET EXCITED. It single-handedly made this post worth your time. Justin Timberlake is rapping, and I love it. So does the rest of the world.

Here are some I didn't wanna waste your time with, but you can look em up if you want:
Days Difference- Down With Me
Big Time Rush- Music Sounds Better With U
Justin Reynolds- Runaway

COUNTRY MUSIC, real quick:

Love and Theft--> Angel Eyes

The Farm--> Home Sweet Home

Gloriana--> [Kissed You] Goodnight

And that's all I got! Lots of new names tonight! Lemme know your thoughts!


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