Tuesday, November 1, 2011

i spy: halloween on facebook 2011

As always, one of my favorite traditions on this blog is rounding up your Facebook and Twitter pictures from Halloween and showing them off to the world! If you put enough thought or creativity or beauty into them to catch my eye, the rest of the world needs to see it too!

After way too many hours of going through Facebook [the new way of looking through all of your friends' photos is ANNOYING, Mr Zuckerberg], here's what I LOVED!

Favorite group costume: 5.5 stages of Britney Spears

I've seen it done before, but not with six people, and I've never seen the "Crossroads Britney" or Kevin Federline involved. They got serious props.

Favorite put-in-a-lot-of-work costume- The Natty Light Samurai

Anyone who is willing to spend hours on their Halloween costume, is awesome in my eyes. Add in a boy who's using cheap beer cans for arts and crafts that come out AMAZING, and he's a winner.

RUNNER UP CLOSE BEHIND: The Kia Hamster... completely homemade head!

Favorite funny costume: "White girl crazy"

Boots with a dress, Smirnoff, long blonde hair... and apparently he took shots, cried in the bathroom, and woke up with a stamp on his face to complete the look. Perfect.

Favorite prop with costume: Captain Jack Sparrow.. AND HIS REAL MONKEY.

No, really... That's a real, living, pet monkey, and it was chillin' on his shoulder in the bar ALL NIGHT. So well trained/tamed, so cute, and now I am going to get one. They're only a couple hundred dollars. Move over, Slutty Cat... you're getting a friend.

Favorite Celebrity costume: LL Cool J

It's so simple, but this dude nailed it. As soon as he walked in I announced STFU LL COOL J IN THE HIZZOUSSEEEEE!!! [I may have been intoxicated]

And then there were these other good ones:

A Mexican with a pinata/Little Red Riding Hood with the Big Bad Wolf

The most legit looking Bret Michaels ever/I saw a LOT of Hulk Hogans, but this one was silly

I saw a lot of them, but these Black Swan girls were a hott mess at the bar we were at.

Richard Simmons and a Twitter bird inspired by my costume! YES!

Shari Lewis with her Lamb Chop! OMG LOVE.

Hilarious boy lady bugs!/a homemade loofah!

LMFAO and the Shuffle Bot!

A bag of weed. I asked the guy if he was high... "F#@*in DUH!"/Facebook STALKer. Get it?!

The entire sexy cast of Alice in Wonderland. Normally I'd write this off, but these costumes look goooddd.

The most beautiful Troy Polamalu and his Head and Shoulders

There were WAY more scary costumes this year than I remember! AHHH

The Sloppy "Double Dare!"

Lamar Odom/Khloe Kardashian/Voodoo!

And then there was me/my costumes:

First off, most of my time this year was dedicated to helping my ginger coworker Corey get his costume together. His red hair and beard made it mandatory to be a leprechaun.
I dyed a shirt for him, covered a black hat with green felt and a ribbon, and made him wear boxers... ya know, to spice things up a little bit.

As for me, because I don't like doing the same thing two nights in a row, and I also didn't feel like repeating Twitter bird at the place we were going, I decided to do a very last minute Clarissa [Explains It All].
I had a striped skirt that resembled her shorts, jean button down shirt, and black vest... plus- my Keds shoes and a headband! I spruced up the vest with some yellow stickers I found around the office.

[Me and my other coworker, Nathan, who was a Ken doll!]

I also couldn't help but notice that without the hat, Corey passed as Clarissa's ginger brother, Ferguson!

And finally, somehow, I was able to put together my Troll costume. I didn't get into shape like I planned, so I had to wear clothes. After ordering the wig, I used an old yellow skirt I had from my Snow White costume, and went out to find the yellow bandeau top on clearance at Wet Seal. I glued a giant gem onto a tank and VOILA!

It's not nearly as good as most of my past costumes, but I do enjoy it.

Any to wrap things up, the most disturbing/awesome/funny/questionable picture I saw amongst my friends... This was my guy friend's truck last night:

If any kids actually walked up to him, they need new parents.


PS: If you think your costume needs to be up here but I didn't see it, email me! I can totally update if necessary!

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