Monday, November 28, 2011

the cast of the little rascals: what they look like now

I watched The Little Rascals over the weekend and decided it was time to see what all of the cast members look like now. We saw the picture of Alfalfa and Darla, but here's some more about those lovable kids:

Travis Tedford, AKA Spanky

Poor guy is already balding, and apparently had to take a job at Walmart. He did have a decent amount of gigs after the movie, but nothing bigger than "The Amanda Show" and a random voice on "A Bug's Life." Follow him on Twitter, maybe it'll help get him back in the game...

Bug Hall, AKA Alfalfa

The nerds always grow up to be the best... and dang, this is definitely proof! Bug is a total babe now, and has been doing a bunch of one-episode roles in TV shows, and seems to be in some upcoming movies in 2013. Could this be a serious comeback?! He seems pretty great on Twitter, too.

Brittany Ashton Holmes, AKA Darla

The perfect little girl didn't get much of anything after the movie, and now seems to be your average, slightly slutty 22 year old.

Ross Bagley, AKA Buckwheat

Okay, I really did think he was a girl... like, until just now I think. Woops. He was in "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," which I guess I just didn't put the two and two together, and now he's... umm... glad the NBA is back?

Jordan Warkol, AKA Froggy

He was also in "A Bug's Life," and some episodes of "Hey Arnold!," but not a whole lot beyond those. He said on Twitter he wants to get back into the acting world. Good thing his looks are much better these days!

Courtland Mead, AKA Uh-Huh

The cutie did a bunch of things up until the mid-2000s, including "A Bug's Life" and "Recess," but nothing since 2006, making him say his occupation is "washed up child actor" on his MySpace. He does look like a hell of a "Myspace shot" photographer.

Zachary Mabry, AKA Porky

This kid didn't do much acting after the movie, but now he goes to University of Oklahoma, in case you might be out that way, look out for him! He's still a total cutie!

Sam Saletta, AKA Butch

I feel like I remember him playing a lot of bullies in shows, and he does have a pretty resume, but it stops in 2003 after some episodes of "7th Heaven" and "Rocket Power." It's a shame, really... he's a beautiful man now, and just writing for a sports website. Holler at his Twitter!

Blake McIver Ewing, AKA Waldo

Wait, what?! He's not a Culkin?! Weird. He did have big roles in "Full House" and "Hey Arnold!," but apparently focuses on theater now and is pretty successful with it. He even released a choir Christmas CD called "On This Christmas Night."

Heather Karasek, AKA Jane

Not too surprising that she didn't do any more acting after the movie, but she's looking pretty successful nowadays as she works with the wardrobe departments of some movies in the past year. She seems really normal [well, duh] and cute on Twitter.

It's so weird to think that these kids/characters are some that we'll never forget, and yet they've been completely forgotten about in the acting world as they grew up! They get to tell people they were in this awesome movie, and live a normal life. That's pretty neat.

Now I shall stalk those that are on Twitter forever.



Anonymous said...

If you going to put what everybody is doing at least do your resesrch and get your facts right. Ross Bradley after the movie played on Fresh Prince of Bel Air, starred in Independence Day and Eye for an Eye. Hes now currently enrolled in California University, majoring in Producing

Anonymous said...

Get your facts straight!! Fresh prince isn't a movies it a tv series!!!

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Any reference to "MySpace" dates how old the information is. Courtland Mead is a successful Corporate Project Manager for a large corporation and still does some Independent film projects on the side.