Friday, October 14, 2011

watch: lance bass' boy band's single "facebook official" is awful

Oh dear. When I heard Lance Bass was putting together a boy band, I was excited. Now that I see the result, I want to cry.

He could have put something awesome together... Instead, he formed "Heart2Heart" and gave them "Facebook Official" as their first single.

They were also gifted with amazing looks.............

Such QUALITY lyrics...
  • 'Heart2Heart is back/ FB chat poppin’ on my Mac.'
  • 'C’mon/ Myspace is dead/ I’m checking your page to see what you said.'
  • 'Heart on your page/Heart, heart on your page/let’s make it official.'
  • 'Can you confirm this request/Agree to my terms of service.'
  • 'Status update/what/checking pics of your butt.'
Oofff.. At least it's entertaining... kinda.... right?


Entertainment Weekly

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