Tuesday, October 11, 2011

tunes on tuesday 101111

Tuesdays creep up on me these days, but I didn't forget this time!

How 'bout some new music!

Anjulie--> Brand New Bitch

I kinda really love this one. I normally like girl anthems, so maybe that's no surprise, but it's upbeat and fun for fall. Listeners disagreed, but what do they know anyway?! [Sorry, I didn't mean that.......]

The Cab--> Bad

BEAUTIFUL song! I love it. I may have had low expectations, but that's beside the point. It's good.

Avril Lavigne--> Wish You Were Here

She has stayed pretty close to her typical sound even after so much time off, and I think it's still going to work.

Outasight--> Tonight is the Night

Listeners seemed to like it. It's got a fun beat, and it's definitely likable, just not my favorite.

I won't waste your time with:
  • We the Kings- Say You Like Me
  • Mayra- Freak Like Me
  • Evanescence- My Heart is Broken

And that's that for this week! I think it's obvious which way this fall/winter will go music wise based on these releases, eh?!


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