Wednesday, July 13, 2011

watch: prostitutes fight it out on the streets

Everyone enjoys a good girl fight. They're far too hilarious not to. Imagine the possibilities of entertainment if it's a couple of real life hookers on the streets of San Francisco...

Then watch it become a reality.

[PS- It's not that graphic video-wise, but the language is totally NSFW.]

I really don't know that I've ever heard the b-word yelled so many times, nor have I heard someone compliment a girl for being pretty while fighting her, but still the highlight was the guy coming out of NOWHERE and singing.

Ah. What a beautiful night-scene.



Panty Buns said...

I can easily imagine part of this video clip and the women on it appearing on the Jerry Springer show. All that ruckus is pretty amazing. And what was with one of the women calling the other a faggot? The guy setting up with his guitar and the singing at the end was a nice but strange touch. Are you sure Jerry Springer had nothing to do with this?

SMM Garden said...

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