Tuesday, June 21, 2011

watch eb irl: improv dirty pop'n

It's time for an EB IRL moment.

In high school, when Michael Jackson was going to trial for all the child molestation stuff, my friend Ashley brought a boombox to school and played MJ throughout the halls all day long [and totally got in trouble for it].

After lunch one day, we set that sucker up on the stairs outside the cafeteria, and put on this elaborate performance to "Beat It," full of synchronized improv dancing, flips, and singing. A crowd gathered, and had such a thing been cool on YouTube back then, we woulda been famous.

For my Birthday, we had a small crowd, but we still wanted to put on a funny show for the fraynds. Here's a clip of us Dirty Pop'n!

I know I'm a crazy ADD bia, you don't gotta tell me twice! This is my definition of fun! And yes, it continued afterward.


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