Monday, June 6, 2011

because you want to know: the best/worst of the mtv movie awards' red carpet

One of the things I love about MTV awards shows is the fashion. It's a little less formal than others, and people show their personality more.

The red carpet for last night's MTV Movie Awards was actually rather lame, but some stood out enough to make my best and worst dressed!

As for the best:

Love them both, and they look classic pretty.

Can I please have Kayla Ewell's dress as my birthday suit for this weekend?! Kthanks. Sparkles + pretty legs= win, duh.

I hate Harry Potter, but both Emma's looked great!

Sure, Josh Duhamel has always been kinda hott, but last night I was all HEYBOYHEYYY! Romeo looked snazzy with the all white top and hipster glasses. Diggin' it.

As for THE best- I LOVED Mila Kunis. I want this outfit NOW. It's pretty simple for a red carpet, but it's fantastic. That is all.

And the mistakes:

Brooklyn Decker's sparkles are way too much and apparently Jessica Szohr had nothing better to wear than curtains.

Amanda Bynes- WHAT are those shoes?! Way too much. She also had a nasty look on her face after losing the best one-liner award.. That wasn't cute. As for Lil Mama- we don't need to say anything.

I normally love Selena Gomez's outfits, but this one is just weird to me. I don't get it. As for Nikki Reed- not only was her dress ugly, but the whole engagement to Paul McDonald months after he didn't even know who she was is kinda tacky.

Trey Songz is one of my top sexy men in life, but that scarf has got to go, and his smile has got to come back. As for Reese Witherspoon- Am I the only one who thought she just looked and acted like a hott mess last night? A little reminiscent of Britney in all the bad ways.

As for other notables:

The Real World: Las Vegas cast were lookin' like pros! I wish Dustin would have tied his tie, but the matching with him and Heather is awfully cute. And Adam- Dang boy. If only you weren't a drunken hott mess all the time... the things I'd do to you....

MTV hosts looking dapper as always! JC and Kevin Manno sporting the tighter outfits that I'm not complaining about, and Lenay Dunn's dress was very "prom," but it was pretty!

Of course, I'm no fashion expert or anything, and this is just my opinion, but who else's opinion counts? Pfft. No one's.


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