Tuesday, May 31, 2011

youtube channel: "animals just don't give a sh*!"

Apparently I'm a few weeks late in seeing this video, but everyone I talk to about it hasn't seen it, and I obviously have to blame myself.

It. Is. Epic. This boyguy [I think that's a new term I should use for not a boy, not yet a man] narrates National Geographic videos of animals doin' their animal thang! What he says is just... great.

This is the one everyone's been talking about- THE Honey Badger.

If you didn't LOL, let's review some of the quotes, then rewatch it. It's totally one of those that is funnier each time you watch it.
  • "Honey badger don't give a sh*!"
  • "Woah! Watch out! said that bird."
  • "Oh, it's got a cobra, oh it runs backwards?!"
  • "Oh, little does the honey badger know, FYI, it's been stunggg!"
  • "Look at that sleepy f#*k."

SERIOUSLY. HYSTERICAL! Even better: My boss, Big Daddy Downs, started doing the voice and narrating it himself. SO epic!

Over the weekend [somehow we were able to stop quoting THIS video for a couple seconds], we watched all 13 of this guy's animal videos, and they're all hilarious. This one is by far the best, but there are some others that are giving it a run for its money.

"Oh he's looking at me! Oh hi, Sloth!"

"When the Basilisk senses danger, he quickly runs across the w- HAHAHAHA HOLY SH!* LOOK AT THAT LITTLE LIZARD HAHAHAHA!"

They're just all so. good. So put your funny face on and go watch them.


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