Monday, May 9, 2011

watch: kane show watches their listeners' sex tapes

The Kane Show is based out of Washington, DC, but is syndicated all over the nation, and I get to say they're the reason I'm in radio. [I interned with them 3 years ago, and they've helped me rocket since then.]

If you don't know about them, first of all- Give them a listen on the iheartradio app, or on their website. Second- Die of laughter when watching this video.

This is hysterical. They had their listeners send in some sex tapes, and they video'd themselves watching them. Getting distracted and disgusted, but watching them... [Don't worry.. it's totally SFW. You won't see the bad stuff!]

Yes, that's real life. People really did send in their tapes, and now I just wish people would send me theirs! Shoot... I wish someone would even send me their version of a sext so I could judge it.

If you want to grow some you-know-what and try me, you know where to send em.

Kane, Erick, Sarah et al- You guys rock my life. This. Is. Awesome.


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Jeremy said...

3:01 "We're gonna full screen this" then BAM!! hilarious! And Sarah is so pretty, even dressed down like that.