Tuesday, May 3, 2011

tunes on tuesday 050311


The goods:

Rihanna--> California King Bed

If you haven't heard this yet, you've been hiding under a rock. You'll probably be hearing it on the radio a lot more now, though. It's beautiful.

Jackson Harris--> Long Story Short

It was a little cheesy for me at first, but who am I kidding?! I LOVE cheesy/catchy songs! Plus- he's cute and has a good voice!

Kelly Rowland ft. Lil Wayne--> Motivation

She looks hott and her voice is hella seductive. I wish she'd come out with a radio banger, but I don't think this will do it for her... in top 40, anyway. Either way, it's a good sexual song to have. ;)

Mac Miller--> Knock Knock

People have been talkin about this kid "getting ready to blow up" for a while, so here's his chance. I'm not blown away, but he definitely has talent, and he'll definitely be someone to keep an eye on. As the song goes on, I like it more.

Owl City--> Deer in the Headlights

This is only a clip of it, obviously, and normally I'm not a fan of Owl City, but this is upbeat and fun. I definitely won't mind hearing it.

Wish--> Suga Daddy

Umm, LOVE her voice/sound! And love this song. And it should be my theme song, as soon as I find me one of these. This might be my favorite song of the week, seriously.

Train--> Save Me San Francisco

This sounds a lot more like old-school Train than their past few. Again, it's a fun song that I can totally jam to, especially outside at a BBQ or something.

Ciara ft. Usher--> Turn it Up

I can see this being big for the summertime. Don't call it a comeback, Ciara.

Freshmen--> Hello There

Interesting. I feel like I shouldn't like this because I'll be a hypocrite for disliking other songs, but like... I LOVE SUMMER SONGS! Yes, yes, yes!

Decide for yourself:

Hollywood Undead--> Coming Back Down

I'm iffy about this one. It's weird. It doesn't sound like something that should be played on air, it sounds very underground.

Avril Lavigne--> Smile

It's pretty old-school Avril, but I don't enjoy it. Maybe it'll grow on me.

Dev--> In the Dark

Not a fan of the beat. I bet I'll love it on the dance floor, but I don't love it in my room.

Kerli--> Army of Love

Her voice does NOT match her looks, that's for sure! I like her voice, and I think she has potential, but this song is not selling me.

Click here for this week's new country music!

Enjoy, and I think we can definitely say Happy Summer at this point!


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