Tuesday, May 3, 2011

country tunes on tuesday 050311

Lemme guess.. You thought I'd put this off til tomorrow, didn't you?!
Well, I wanted to... but NO! No more of that!

Problem is... New country music is always hard to find in a shareable version! So, I only have a few this week. :(

Jason Thomas--> I'm Your Radio

It's nothing we haven't heard before, but that doesn't mean it's not good. It's definitely worth your time.

The Lunabelles--> A Place to Shine

Another new girl group with powerful vocals. It's a nice song, but unfortunately it doesn't blow me away. The lyrics are good, but I want to speed it up a little bit or something.

And that's literally all I have! Disappointing, right?!

If you wanna Google some others, look up Corey Wagar- Hurricane and Celeste Moyers- It Goes Something Like.



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