Monday, April 11, 2011

youtube channel of the week: edbassmaster the prankster

Once again my RWDC-producer BFF came through and sent me a hysterical video right when I needed it today.
Even more lucky for me: The whole channel is gold.

edbassmaster does all sorts of pranks on randoms people in places ranging from the library, to the drive-thru, to Craigslist.

Here's the original one he sent me, of him talking to a guy selling a car:

Turns out the "WOULD YA JUST LOOK AT THAT!" line is one of his faves. Here's a recent one:

And who DOESN'T laugh at someone farting?! ESPECIALLY in the library:

Catching people off guard: GOLD.

And because I HATE when people talk on their Bluetooth, this made me mad and laugh at the same time:

He has all sorts of characters throughout his almost 400 videos, so seriously... You know you have some time to kill, do it on his channel.


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