Wednesday, March 16, 2011

tunes on tuesday 031511

Happy Tuesday! Let's get right to it-

CJ Holland ft. Lady Gaga--> Luv U Sum

As far as I know, I've never heard anything from this guy before, but I think he's probably capable of a song better than this. BUT, if you wanna get started, you need a big name behind ya, right? Here's to better things coming from him.

Shontelle--> Say Hello to Goodbye

I'm definitely a Shontelle fan. I think her voice is really pretty. It's a good break-up song, and I'll totally play it.

Far East Movement ft. Snoop Dogg--> If I Was You OMG

The cool thing about Far East Movement is that every song is so different from the next. I LOVE that! This isn't my favorite from them, but I'll definitely add it to my library!

Matthew Morrison--> Summer Rain

How do you guys feel about Glee songs hitting mainstream?? I think it could be a good thing for music, but some of these are just a little too Glee-sounding for me, including this one. Not terrible, just not what I want to be playing on the radio.

Ashley Gearing--> Five More Minutes

Wish I had an embeddable real version of this song for you guys, but this is a really pretty/cool song. I totally enjoy it. Girls will love it, guys might have it as a guilty pleasure.

Bradley Gaskin--> Mr. Bartender

Gloriana--> Wanna Take You Home

I like Gloriana, too. They have a lot of fun songs, as far as I've noticed. If any boy wants to sing this to me, I will not object. Just sayin'.

That's all for today! They've been slowin' down these weeks for some reason. Enjoy!


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