Wednesday, February 16, 2011

tunes on [wednesday] 021611

I'm a few hours late [or technically a day, I guess...] but FORGIVE ME! I was hoping more songs would magically show up to share.

Eminem--> Spacebound

It starts out really chill and reminds me a little of old-Eminem, then you hear the anger coming out a little bit. Fortunately, it's not much anger and the song stays slower [and hella emotional], I just wish he'd stop yelling at me! I like it, though.

Lady Gaga--> Born This Way

If you haven't heard this song yet, you seriously need to stop living under a rock. It's very Madonna. Too Madonna, maybe, but a little refreshing and old school. If there's ever a song from Lady Gaga I'm going to like, this is it.

T-Pain ft. Chris Brown--> Best Love Song

Part of me wants to say I definitely like this song, but the other part is kinda over T-Pain. *gasp!* Could I really be over him? It just sounds SO Lonely Island now... But if there's anyone to do autotune, I've always said it has to be T-Pain. Or Cher. Or Akon. BUT THAT'S IT!

Chris Young--> Tomorrow

Woah. I like this song. Maybe for personal reasons, but it's good. Ever been in a relationship where you know it's the end, but it's not easy to admit it?

Josh Abbott Band--> Oh, Tonight

This looks like a fun group of people, but that's just a side note. This is a simple, cute song that's totally enjoyable.

Walker Hayes--> Why Wait for Summer

YAY! Early summer song with a reason for us to listen to such fun songs before it comes around! Everyone loves a good summer song.

Josh Gracin--> When It Rains

OMG LOVE LOVE LOVE this song. So glad someone tweeted about it, because his people clearly aren't doing a good job keeping his name out there. If only I were in country radio and could play this. I love Josh! Always have, always will.

That's all for this week! Not a lot, I know! It's kinda dumb. But some is better than none!


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