Tuesday, February 8, 2011

tunes on tuesday 020811

Hello and Happy Tuesday! YAY new TOT logo! ;)

And YAY for new music, duh.

Bruno Mars--> The Lazy Song

OMG. Amazing song!! Like... instant new fave. Lyrics are fun, the song is chill and summer-esque, but perfect for right now at the same time.

Big Heed ft. Alien--> Tipsy

Good beat and funny lyrics about drinking is always destined for success, right?! It's not OMFG amazing, but it's good. I'd listen to it.

Christian TV--> Love 2 Baby

The epitome of a radio single, it's got the beat and it's catchy.

Colbie Caillat--> I Do

If you like Colbie, you'll love this song. It's very her, it's fun, and again- has a summery feel to it, which I find refreshing right now.

Maroon 5--> Never Gonna Leave This Bed

Either I'm in a good mood, or it's just a good week for music. This is different for Maroon 5, and it grew on me pretty quickly.

Panic! At the Disco--> Ballad of Mona Lisa

I'm not a big fan of Panic!, but if you are, you'll probably like this. It's really not bad, either. Just not my style.

Tina ft. Fat Joe--> So Good

Another interesting/kinda cool beat... I don't see this song becoming HUGE, though.

Hyper Crush--> Kick Us Out

I don't hate it, but it's nothing special. A bit too much autotuning. I'm over it.

Nire Alldai--> STFU [Shut Up and Party]

Is it possible for a song to try too hard? I think this is one of those.

Keith Urban--> Without You

A rather old-school, typical Keith Urban song. I dig it.

That's all for tonight! Enjoy! I definitely will!


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