Tuesday, January 25, 2011

tunes on tuesday 012511

Happy Tuesday! I'm sorry I missed it last week, but you won't miss any music! I'll include both weeks' new music!

Big Time Rush ft. Snoop Dogg--> Boyfriend

OMG it's SERIOUSLY the revival of the boy bands! These four guys are totally cute and have the right sound, and with a little help from Snoop, they could blast to the top. Apparently they're from Nickelodeon. That's cute.

Ashlyne Huff--> White Flag

Girly-pop, my favorite! The beat is good, she seems cute, the lyrics are cool, and I dig it.

The Script- For the First Time

I really like The Script. They performed this on Ellen and it was fantastic. It's pretty, it's chill, the lyrics are good... Yep. Get it.

Chris Brown--> No Bullshit

HOTT song. Chris Brown wasn't shut down by the Chrihanna scandal. Maybe in the pop world, but this R&B song is fantastic. It screams Chris Brown and I like that. Plus, I would definitely not complain if someone sang this to me. Just sayin'.

Juke Kartel--> If Only

Another cool, chill, pretty song with good lyrics. Love.

Travie McCoy--> We'll Be Alright

Even though he made fun of me, I like Travie's songs. They're catchy and fun. I would think he'd do a lot less "fixing" to his songs, though. Most of this song seems fake and like he's lip syncing to someone else's song.

Far East Movement & Roger Sanchez ft. Kanobby--> 2Gether

Wanna dance? Wanna fist pump? Far East Movement knows how to make you do that with this song with awesome sampling from "Love Shack."

Jamie Foxx ft. Drake--> Fall For Your Type

I expected this to be a little faster... It's not a BAD song, but I don't love it. Maybe they can get a remix or something in... "Ignition" style.

Lloyd--> Lay It Down

Lloyd's weirdly sexy voice; Mmm mm MM. It had me swaying and dancing at first listen- that's a good thing.

Reba McEntire--> If I Were a Boy

Yes, this is a remake of Beyonce's song. It's an interesting country take on the song and I'm down for it.

David Nail--> Let It Rain

He's got a lot of break-up songs. I LOVED "Red Light," but this one might be even better.

Darius Rucker--> Anything's Possible

Have I mentioned how AWESOME his album is? Pretty sure this isn't on it, unless I'm having a blank moment, but it's just as good as anything he does. Another good, new single from him and his last CD- "This."

Also: Local singer Sam Houston [who was also featured in my Christmas parody] did this cover of a Jake Coco song called "If I Were An Artist." It's beautiful!

WHEW. Okay. LOTS of good music these past couple weeks! Enjoy!


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