Friday, January 7, 2011

nifty?: the shock jock- undies for the unlucky boys

Hey boys- believe it or not, but girls like to see a little bit of shape down there when you're wearing jeans. [So stop wearing those unflattering baggy jeans.]

For the boys who may not be so gifted in that region, you can still make it look like it, whether you're wearing jeans or basketball shorts, with Andrew Christian's new Shock Jock.

That extra shape you're seeing there is actually built into the underwear! Sure, it might be a little awkward if you're stripping down in front of a girl and she sees that, but do what us girls do- go to the bathroom and get rid of the cup right before sexytime happens. [Woops- Did I just tell a secret?]

I genuinely would be okay with boys wearing these... As long as I didn't know it. A little bulge in the jeans is always sexy. Just sayin.


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