Monday, January 3, 2011

i spy: a guy turning a dc intersection into his stage

I did a lot of running around while I was home last week. I love adventures! When my NYC adventure came to an end [after a way too long bus ride], it ended comically.

We pulled up at the intersection to find a man twirling and jumping around, shouting random things that sounded something like "New York", in the middle of a relatively busy intersection in the middle of DC.

As you can imagine, people were gathering, honking, laughing... and wondering what the H this man was doing and if he'd ever stop.

That's obviously only a quick moment of how long he went for. I was at that intersection for a good 20 minutes and he never once stopped or slowed down. The only thing that slowed down were the cars that couldn't move thanks to him.

Part of me wonders if he's still alive. I'd end up getting some pretty serious road rage and probably just trampling him. It was 4pm on a New Year's Eve Friday, after all.

I've always wanted to stumble upon the random craziness of people, and now I've caught one on tape. I hope he got his ish together.


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