Monday, January 17, 2011

hilarious website: cranktexts

One of the website trends right now is definitely text messages. From your parents, from last night, and now to randoms. [I assume I'm a little late on this, but better late than never, damnit.]

The guy [I assume it's a guy] behind CrankTexts texts random numbers until finally someone bites and thinks they know who they're talking to. [And people are joining in the fun and doing it too.]

Messing with unsuspecting people is hilarious in general. Seeing that they'll go as far as bringing a bottle of wine and a bag of ice to a girl's house they think they've been talking to all night is just plain awesome.

That one even included the voicemails from the guy who was showing up at the apartment. HAAAA.

There are a ton of them on the site, and each time is different, hilarious, random, and successful. AKA each of the people who does this has become one of my new Internet heroes. [Assuming it's all real...]


PS: No WONDER I love this site so much! @iam_ainslee pointed out to me that the guy all over the page is Theo Von, from Road Rules and 4 of the Challenges! My brain crossed them out of recognition thinking they were ads, but it's him! SUH-WEET!

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