Monday, December 6, 2010

nifty gift idea: the small, 3d digital camera

Everyone's going all 3-D nowadays, and I don't know how I feel about it. Maybe it's because I'm getting old and don't like change... Maybe it's because I'm poor and can't keep up with the trend.. Or maybe it really is just a bit much.

Even so, having your own 3-D digital camera to carry around is pretty sweet. Which is why I present to you the Fujifilm FinePix W3 Real 3D 10.0-Megapixel Digital Camera.

It has 2 lenses so that it can do the 3-D effect for not only photos, but HD video too.

I'm not sure how it would look on paper as a 3-D image, but reviews say the thing works pretty well.

Beyond being your first 3-D camera, it has all the other specifics of a good digital camera these days. Different shooting modes, HD video, 10 megapixels, etc.

The only catch is that for you to get the full effect, you have to have a 3-D compatible monitor, whether that be a TV or computer. Considering everyone's getting that and the images look pretty awesome regardless, I still consider it a good gift.

...For the rich people. It's a steep $500, but that's a pretty reasonable price considering my normal 2-D camera was close to $250.

Happy shopping! And if you find something worth sharing during this shopping season, do tell!


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