Thursday, December 9, 2010

nifty gift idea: aqua notes

I think everyone in the world can agree with me when I say: The best ideas and brainstorming happens while in the shower.

You can also probably agree with me when I say by the time the shower is over and you're dry, you can't for the life of you figure out what your idea or thought process was.

Good thing there are AQUA NOTES!

It's 40 sheets of waterproof paper and a pencil that can write on the paper UNDERWATER if necessary! I S you not.

The best part: For the pad AND pencil, it's only $7.98!!!! Best. Deal. Ever.

If you're doing a white elephant gift exchange or maybe secret Santa, this is perfect for you. EVERYONE can appreciate this, and it's totally within any budget.

You can even buy 4, get 1 free! HOLLER!

If anyone wants to buy me one, I'd love you. Or I GUESS I could afford it.. Maybe.


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