Friday, December 3, 2010

exclusive interview/freestyle: chiddy bang

The Chiddy Bang duo came to College Station this week and Niblett and I got to host the show!

With what seemed like a million show openers [including Mookie and Vonnegutt!], I had ample time to become besties with Chiddy and Noah "Pablo Escobar" before they took the stage.

I asked a couple quick questions and then gave them some notes to use in an on-the-spot freestyle about College Station, Candy 95, "hoochies with coochies hangin' out," and of course, me.

I was told a million times before I met them by everyone in the biz that they were cool guys, and I've gotta agree. They didn't hesitate to do an interview. They've got HUGE personalities, and seemingly big plans.

Hopefully they can stay on the same page long enough to really make some more awesome music because I will not lie, I'm a fan of "Opposite of Adults."


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