Wednesday, November 17, 2010

watch: banned beyonce commercial

Beyonce has a new perfume out, and the ad for it has a lot of people talking... but it won't be shown on TV like originally planned.

They've banned this ad from airing, and though it may be a little hott [that's an understatement], I think it's ridiculous that they're not going to let it be shown... But you can be the judge for yourself.

WARNING: Boys- I wouldn't watch this in public.

I mean DANG GIRL! I'm pretty anti-Beyonce most of the time, but this even made my pants a little wet. Hot diggity.

Besides the near-nip-slip a few times, I really don't understand why it breaks the rules, but let's be honest- a banned ad, especially like this one, will probably get more attention than one that is regularly skipped thanks to the DVR.

Props to Beyonce. She's workin' it. And clearly I'm going to need that perfume if I want to have the same effect.


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