Monday, November 1, 2010

watch: american idol season 10 promos

Normally the day comes around when the next season of American Idol starts showing promos and I pee my pants in excitement. It's the 10th season ahead of us, and as one of the most loyal watchers since season 1, I should be excited.... but.... well, you know what has happened.

I wondered how they would tease up this season, and with the first couple of promos out, I'd say they did the best they could. They reflected on the past 9 seasons and reminded us of our winners... With the only friendly voice of this upcoming season chiming in randomly [Randy].

I totally dig the first song, for the record. And I really do love these promos. The only problem: It's not going to convince anyone that this season is going to be better, or even as good as previous seasons.

Do tell: Will you be watching this season of AI?


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