Tuesday, November 2, 2010

real world back to vegas update: meet 2 roommates [and SPOILER ALERT]

Again, thanks to "molds13" over at Vevmo, we've found out some serious details on our first two cast members! And since I'm ADD and hate looking through 32987 pages of comments, I shall share with you the important deets here.

Meet Heather Marter and Michael Adam Royer:

Some deets on Heather:

  • She's 22
  • From Delran, New Jersey
  • Goes to school at Monmouth University as a Broadcast major [which makes me jealous that she's on the show]
  • She seems to be pretty normal, down to Earth, and obviously hella cute.

Some deets on Adam:
  • He's 22
  • From Falmouth, Maine and went to the University of Southern Maine
  • The DIRT: He was involved in a shooting of some sort and had to spend 3 years in a Youth Development Center. Bad boy!
  • He's the one who's been getting kicked out of the bar almost every night for being to belligerent.
  • They say he has a girlfriend, and he's been gettin' down with some other girls regularly. DRAMA.
  • BREAKING DIRT: He's already been kicked out of the house... last night. 3.5 weeks into filming. Reason unknown, but they're saying it might have something to do with the fact he updated his status on Facebook to say he's "ballin the f#&$ out in Vegas." If that's true [even though it's normally just a fine], congratulations- you're not smart, dude...

As for cast sightings, I've been keeping track on Twitter and everyone is saying that they're constantly at Vanity, which is inside the Hard Rock. So if you ever plan on going to Vegas, stay there, get some dirt, and share it!

I wanna know what they were for Halloween... Hmmmm....

Kinda CRAZY that one is already kicked out! He looked like he'd bring a good storyline. Heather seems totally cute and likable, though. I think we could be friends.... Hypothetically speaking, of course.

More cast members should be released soon, so stay tuned! And thanks again to Molds. :)



Anonymous said...

For Halloween Dustin Zito was The burger king guy, Leroy was a Shirtless Miner or fireman, and Mike was Charles Woodson ( a football Player) The girls did not dress up.

elizabethany said...

Thank you!! :)