Monday, November 15, 2010

nifty giveaway: willy bands!

Remember the naughty Silly Bandz I posted a few months ago? Those made me blush. These new bands that have been brought to my attention make me giggle... and I love them.

[Sidenote: I know I'm normally anti-Silly Bandz, but seriously... When they get a little X-rated, anything's fun.]

Someone apparently decided it would be a good idea to take their penis doodles and turn them into bands that people can wear and giggle when someone asks "What's the shape of yours?!"

Their answer could be "Well, I've got a Politician, a Lance, a Crowbar, Canon, Thrill Drill... and a Chode.

Seriously.... How HILARIOUS are they?! So perfect. I will absolutely wear these. And it's a good thing I will because look what I got in the mail today:

Oh yes. Two packs, 4 of each shape... And while I want to keep a few, I'm giving the rest away!

Even though one pack has two of each shape, I'm going to split it up, and give away THREE packs of these Wear a Willy bands! All you've gotta do: Comment the status/update that will include this link on my Facebook group page. On Friday I'll pick 3 random winners with the help of my coworkers!

If you don't win and you want some- They're only $3.99! A BARGAIN!

So, comment and share away and get ready to wear penises on your wrists! Guys- don't lie. It'd be hilarious to have someone ask you what it is and you be like "WEELLLLL, actualllyyy..." BAHAHA. And girls- if you know anyone getting married soon, I have two words- Bachelorette party!

Now let's take a moment to observe the logo and realize how epic it is [the font of "Willy", anyway].

On that note-