Monday, November 15, 2010

best of the week 111510

I seem to be going a little backwards today; Posting random posts then coming back to wrap up last week's posts... Whatevs.

REALLY successful week last week, if I do say so myself. Thanks everyone!

6. Nifty: The Cherpumple
5. EB's how to: Become fashionable overnight
4. Watch: Doug IRL
3. Listen: Nelly ft. Kelly Rowland- "Gone"
2. Real World Back to Vegas Update: One of the roommates is a porn star!
1. The night we ruined an engagement

And an update on 90's Madness!

It's really getting down to the wire and I'm PUMPED about it! December 2- we'll have a winner! Any predictions?

Thanks as always for your input etc!


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