Wednesday, November 17, 2010

nifty: the bubbletree bubble tent

Have you ever wanted to just live outside? Or maybe have your own little bubble to live in? Well now they have these things called Bubble Huts that can make that possible.

These tents blow up and give you ample room inside and make outside noises almost nonexistent.

Yes, they're see-through. And maybe some of you are like "OMG PEOPLE CAN SEE ME I NEED MY PRIVACY," but there are ways to fix that. OR, just pitch the tent somewhere a little more private.

This seriously seems like the most peaceful thing ever to me. Do you not wanna just climb in and cozy up on that beautiful furniture and stare out into the wilderness?!

Sure, people can see in, but I'd feel like I was in my own world. And since it's portable, imagine going hiking or something for a week and staying on an empty beach one night, then on a mountaintop the next, then by a waterfall after that... HEAVEN!

Plus, there are different options! You can get a small one, or up to a few rooms! And the way they're decorated tells me there's plenty of space.

The downfall: They cost a pretty penny. About $12,000 to own one for life, or over $600 a night to rent.

If I had money, this would absolutely be worth an investment in my books. I love the outdoors, but I hate bugs, and all the dumb stuff that comes with it. I'd love to constantly wake up "outside," while staying comfortable.

So, seriously, Sugar Daddy, WHERE THE EFF YOU AT?! Mark this on your "Get for eBeth" list, please. Then we can snuggle all night long just like that happy couple.


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