Tuesday, October 5, 2010

tunes on tuesday 100510

Oh hello, Tuesday! What do you bring us this week?

Cash Cash ft. Lacey Schwimmer--> Red Cup [I Fly Solo]

If you download the good quality version, it helps the song and your opinion of it. It's Lacey from DWTS, and it's totally a guilty pleasure kind of song. When I played it on my show, everyone went nuts. What do you think?

Bruno Mars--> Grenade

Grenade has a funny meaning now thanks to Jersey Shore, but Bruno Mars is freakin' good, I love his voice, and this song is no exception. Welcome to our lives, sir. You've proved yourself.

Pink--> Raise Your Glass

I love everything Pink releases... normally. I'm pretty sure this will grow on me and I'll love it, especially because she says "dirty little freaks," but the first listen took some warming up.

Keri Hilson--> Pretty Girl Rock

How long until someone mashes this up with Soulja Boy's Pretty Boy Swag?! I love how she sings. I love her voice. It's an interesting song. I wouldn't expect her to sing something like this... It's okay to chill to.

Brian McFadden ft. Kevin Rudolf--> Just Say So

Woah there, auto-tune. Calmmm down. It's got a good beat which might make it work, but it's just another song to me.

FeFe Dobson--> Stuttering

Is it bad that I have a sour taste in my mouth for her because of the not-so-great interview she gave me? That being said, she sounds good in this song, and I totally like it.

Maroon 5--> Give a Little More

I feel like the song takes a long time to get into, and then nothing huge happens like I expected. It's okay. Nothing I'll be blasting.

Nikki Flores--> City Lights

Woah, ballsy sample. Super classic song on a basically unknown person's single. She's got a good voice, and it's a pretty song, but I'm thinking the sample wasn't needed.

Mohombi--> Bumpy Ride [Chuckie Remix]

A recommendation from my Florida DJ BF.. I'll dance to it in the clubs, but I won't be playing it on my own. That's what kind of music recommendations he's good for, though.

Gary Allan--> Kiss Me When I'm Down
It's a bit sad, but at the same time kinda funny. Typical country, Gary Allan sound. AKA good.

I'm a big fan of Billy, and I enjoy this song. Did I post it last week? Meh.. If I did, it's good enough to post again.



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