Thursday, October 7, 2010

nifty website: terez owens

I'm not sure why I've never heard of this website, but everyone I've mentioned it to hasn't heard about it either, so it's time to spread the word.

What's better than sports or gossip news?! A combination of BOTH!

This blog, "Terez Owens," who must be involved with the Perez Hilton circle somehow because of the look and name of the blog, takes sports news to a whole new level of interesting. It's not the stories you read on ESPN, it's probably the stories my readers would be interested in.

For example, here are some of the latest:
  • Brett Favre Dong Pics Released: Might Face Suspension
  • Kim Kardashian Looking to Date Yankees Players
  • Former MLB Star Roberto Alomar Hid HIV From Wife
  • Matt Kemp and Rihanna On the Rocks
  • The Yankees Robinson Cano is a Pimp

I just found this website a few days ago and I'm addicted, and I'm thinkin' you might be too. You're welcome.

And thank you, Terez... For making sports interesting for even the girly girls. [Not me, the other silly girls who'd rather bedazzle their authentic jerseys than wear them as is.]


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