Monday, October 25, 2010

my first ever giveaway! antoine dodson decals

OMG. I have the BEST readers/fans/listeners/whatever EVER.

I've been asking for a Sugar Daddy for the longest, and it feels like I've scored a SECRET Sugar Daddy! It's like half secret admirer, half Sugar Daddy.

The other week I showed you this awesome Antoine Dodson merchandise and begged for someone to get it for me. Today in the mail I got this anonymous letter:
I read on your blog that you wanted an Antoine Dodson shirt, and while I don't have $20 + shipping to blow either, what I do have is the ability to make decals. So, here you go!

Inside the envelope were 8 decals of what the shirts I wanted had on them.

I seriously have NO idea who sent these! All I know is that they're from DC and have neat handwriting, and were smart and amazing enough to look up the address to the station and send them. It could be a girl, so I should probably refer to them as my Secret Sugar Maddy from now on. [Mama plus Daddy, duh.] I wish I could thank them personally [and see if we can work something out to get love, EB ones made since I've been looking at pricing for that anyway], but hopefully they'll just see this.

Anyway, onto the giveaway thing-

I'm obviously going to keep two of them for myself, but it's time I start giving back to you guys! If you love the Antoine Dodson stuff as much as I do, all you've gotta do this week is send out a tweet with the link to this page and @luvelizabethany so I can see it. By the end of the week, I'll pick all of the people who will get one of these awesome decals! [They're the kind that stick right onto your window or anything and don't have to have that annoying clear sticker edge around it! SO cool!]

I'll write down all of the tweets' usernames I receive and have my coworkers pick so that it's fair.

If you're in the BCS/Texas area, I'll even throw in some RenFest tickets for ya!

Again- Thanks to the person who made these! If you want to come forward, please do! If not, you shall forever be my Secret Sugar Maddy.


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