Monday, October 25, 2010

best of the week 102510

Whew boy. I survived the weekend, AKA my trip to Heaven, Hell, and the East Coast.

Even though it was really only a half-week of blogging, here are the posts y'all apparently liked:

5. Watch eTV: elizabethany's AUTOOO fail
4. Watch: Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair" video
3. The Real World: Las Vegas is filming!
2. On the racks: Glee does GQ
1. I Spy/Nifty: Your new favorite drink, the Lava Lamp

Hopefully you got some time this weekend to try out the Lava Lamp! If you did- did you love it?!

Also: An update on 90s Madness!

The black line represents the middle that I took out so it's easier to read when small! Can you believe TMNT beat out TGIF?! And 90210 over Legends of the Hidden Temple! CRAZY TALK!

Tune into Twitter, Facebook, or Candy 95 every day at 1/12c so you know who to vote for!

Thanks again for another awesome week. Y'all rock!


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