Wednesday, September 8, 2010

watch etv: channeling my inner asian

You already know that I love all things Asian. Do you think it's coincidence that it's a sushi/hibachi restaurant sponsoring my 90s Madness?! Not me.

In order to know what the h I'll be talking about and promoting for the next couple months, I went to Haiku and tested the waters... fo FREE! I tried to indulge in the full Asian experience by using chopsticks but... uh... well... You'll see.

It's a quick, simple, slightly comedic eTV video. [PS: Check the new eTV logo! Is it bangin' or what?! Thanks to my handy-dandy BFF!]

Thank you white boy Asian chef for putting up with me and thank you Emo Sarah for capturing the moment. One day I'll learn to have manners at the table... One day.


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