Wednesday, September 8, 2010

tunes on tuesday 090710

I know it's a little past Tuesday hours, but bear with me. :)

Lots of big music out today!

Rihanna--> Only Girl

Have I said that I miss the old Rihanna? I really, really do. This song is fine, but the old stuff was better to me. Don't worry, though... This will be blowing up all the stations.

Taio Cruz ft. Ke$ha--> Dirty Picture

Oh dang. The beat done BREAKS IT DOWN after the intro. I can get down, I'm not gonna lie. I enjoy... and not just because Ke$ha is involved.

Jesse McCartney--> Shake

It's not the most awesome song, but it's upbeat and I'm sure girls still have enough of a Jesse crush to wanna hear this.

Prolifik--> Drunk Dialing

It's like Asher Roth's "I Love College." The beat is nothing special, but the lyrics are hilarious and college kids are gonna love lines like "Can I nail you? Get it? I wanna nail you 'cuz I'm hammered." ft. Nicki Minaj--> Check it Out

I like the sampling, and the beat is kinda fun, but it's definitely not my favorite or Nicki song.

Cali Swag District--> Where You Are

More great sampling, I think it might even make up for their not-so-great rapping. Maybe. I wish someone else coulda done this song. Hmph.

I'll get caught up with Country again next week. I'll also post a brand new, pretty freakin' great Jack Ingram song tomorrow! Stay tuned!


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