Wednesday, August 18, 2010

watch: gaga accepts your thrown gifts

Most of you probably know by now that I'm not the biggest Lady Gaga fan. The word "overrated" comes to mind when I think of her and sometimes I get the occasional "annoying."

OhitsRyan went to Monster Ball in San Jose last night and shared this video on Twitter. Apparently everyone throws Gaga goodies on stage and even though her dad tells her not to encourage such a thing, she does it anyway.

I can't deny the respect I have for her when she interacts and shows her appreciation for her fans. This simple little thing made SO many people's nights and added a hint of hilarity.

I kinda want to give her a butt-lift, and maybe some dancing lessons... And smack the awkward, probably-not-real accent out of her, but she definitely earned some serious plus points in my book... and that's hard to do once you're in the negatives.

Kudos, Gaga... and rock on.


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