Thursday, August 26, 2010

watch: cut throat [new challenge] trailer

It's almost time for another season of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge!

Normally I don't get too into these... Or at least not as much as I do the Real World. This time we have TWO DC'ers involved [Ty and Emily], and from what I hear, Ty makes quite a name for himself.

Don't you worry.... I'll still be here for weekly chats and info [and probably podcasts more than right now] once it gets going, but in the meantime- check out the trailer.

Note: It's been kinda glitchy for some people, so hopefully it works for you.

It doesn't show much, and I can't tell who is who, but there sure are a lot of "mother f#@%*%$" in there... And from what I hear, it was an interesting time. As usual, don't expect our favorite newbies to have a blast moving into the house.


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