Wednesday, August 25, 2010

watch: crazy indian pole gymnastics

[Disclaimer: The big bossman told me not to give him credit for showing me this video, so I shall say that it was our office scapegoat, Emo Sarah, who told me to check this craziness out.]

Have you ever heard of this Indian pole gymnastics stuff?! NO WONDER pole dancing is trying to get into the Olympics! This puts the National Pole Dancing Championships to SHAME!


How in the world does a man flip and land on/catch a pole with his CROTCH?! Yowza.

This is freakin' crazy though. I expected to see some cool pole dancing, and went on to tell Sarah that I wanted to take pole dancing classes and that I thought Candy95 logos all over the videos would be a great idea.... Now I'm even MORE determined to make myself a professional pole dancer/gymnast.

Props to these Indian gymnast boys.... and whoever they marry... Cuz they ain't gonna be havin' babies.


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Janna Shepherd said...

I was going to say, either they are Monks, or don't plan on having children.... lol