Thursday, August 12, 2010

nifty: things from my new favorite asian company

There's a new fashion item for guys in the office that is winning the hearts of people all over the WORLD by a company called "Thanko." It's the necktie fan.

As ridiculously awesome as that is and I think I shall buy it for someone, I couldn't help but get more excited about what else this Japanese company has to offer.

Basically- they make spying/stalking/whatever a whole lot easier.

They have a LED flashlight that records video and takes pictures! So people may think you're just trying to find your way through the dark, but really you're gettin' their naughty business on file!

Then there's the spy pen that records HD VIDEO [!!!] from the pen! Oh hey let me just write something down real quick... wait, can you move this way? Got it, thanks.

Finally, my favorite of them all, the HD video recording SHIRT BUTTON! It goes inside your shirt, looks like a button from the outside, and records bangin video without anyone thinking twice about you moving your chest around in awkward ways. Hey, it's the latest dance move, right?

The only problem- I have no idea how to translate Japanese money into dollars. I have no idea how much this stuff is! Hmph. Do I have any friends in Japan who wanna be my bestie and send me early Christmas presents? I'd heart you forever.

As for Thanko- You da freakin' bomb!


1 comment:

Bo Bao said...

1 yen is .01172 of a dollar.

if you really wanna convert it^.
and if it's affordable i think we should become spies ASAP.