Wednesday, August 11, 2010

nifty: the hopsicle experience

Have you ever accidentally frozen a can of beer and thrown it a way?!

In the future: DON'T! In fact- freeze it on purpose!

A bar in NYC has created "The Hopsicle Experience," which is the grown-up's version of a popsicle. They take a can of beer, add a little simple syrup and lime juice, then jam a wooden stick through it and freeze it for a few days.

When the customer orders it, they slice off the can and you push the frozen beer up, eat it, and repeat.

Whattt! Part of me thinks it sounds dull and not good, but the other half is ready to go pick up a case and try it for myself. What do you think? You wanna give it a whirl with me?! We could totally make a party of it!


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