Tuesday, August 24, 2010

my first time with a shake weight

I don't normally post something so random and pointless, but I just have to.

Ellen used one, and people have been buying them like crazy, and I've been waiting my turn.... to try the Shake Weight.

Apparently I was trying out the man's version of the thing, which is probably why I was strugglin', but I'd like to pretend that I'm still as strong as I used to be and should be able to handle the male's Shake Weight.

False. Men are pros at that for a reason, I think.

BUT. It was a pretty epic experience... And I absolutely want one of my own.


1 comment:

shake weight lady said...

Yeah! Men are used to it and they can use the dumbbell for more than 6 minutes once or twice a day and that is the reason why they have toned arms. lol