Tuesday, August 31, 2010

i spy: a girl who needs more clothes on

It's been a VERY long time since I've played this super fun game I call "I Spy."

In case you've never been a part of it here on love, e, I show you things that I see out in public that are "OMG" worthy.

It needs to come back... and today, it is. Thanks to some hooker girl deciding it was okay to wear a shirt as a dress in Northgate the other night.

Ladies... Darlings... Friends.... Wearing shirts as dresses is not okay. I know I'm no style expert, but seeeeeeriously. Dress a little classier, will ya?! I've noticed girls hike up the skirts and add some inches to their heels around here, but sometimes enough is enough.

Also- beware of EB on the streets. Hopefully homegirl doesn't read this. Or... hopefully she does, gets the hint, comments back hating my guts, and never does it again.

And to any girls who have friends that wear things that aren't so great- For the love of God, TELL THEM!!!! You wouldn't want to look a hott mess in public either, would you?!


PS: In case my ex-friend who once left me stranded still reads this, I think someone should tell you that it's time to switch up your wardrobe choices so that it better suits your body ASAP. You're welcome.
[Now I'll stop being a B.]


Unknown said...

Just because she's wearing cute heels doesn't excuse the fact that her outfit is way too short!

NinjaTexan said...

She is just looking to get her MRS degree.

Anonymous said...

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