Tuesday, August 31, 2010

watch: elle fanning's "somewhere" movie trailer

There's been a lot of talk of Dakota Fanning's little sis Elle making her way down the red carpet and onto the big screen, and she's about to make her big debut.

She's starring in "Somewhere," a movie about a dad who lives the crazy bachelor life until his young, 11 year old daughter comes and changes his life forever... "until she has to leave."

It's not a new plot, but it sounds pretty promising. I think we can guarantee a super cute movie that probably ends in tears and little smiles.

I'll totally be down to see it. I may need to wait until it's on DVD so I can have a sob night to myself, but I wanna watch little Fanning!

Remind me at some point not to compare them... If it's at all possible.


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