Tuesday, August 31, 2010

download THE summer mix of 2010

I've been asking for your votes and nominations for over a week, and I've finally made the official list... The list of songs from this summer that will forever keep it alive.

I shall call it "OMG, There's No Gettin' Over the Afternoons of Summer 2010, Honey."

Long title, yeah... But I had to be at least a little clever.

Here it is for your convenience! You can download the whole thing for $18.06, or you can pick and choose.

Yes, I picked Nickelback's "This Afternoon," and yes, I made it song #1. Have you chilled outside and turned that song on while your drinkin' by the pool?! It's perfect. Hate on Nickelback all you want, but it's a good song.

I also included another "shocker" song of Lady Antebellum's American Honey. Every good CD/mix has a variety of music, and there needed to be a country song. I couldn't stop blasting this all summer long. It's a beautiful song, and everyone loves Lady A.

Other than those, I think the group is pretty self explanatory. It's all the songs you've heard on the radio all summer. All the songs you've been requesting. All the songs you'll hear next year every once in a while and think "damn, last summer was an awesome summer."

Thanks so much for your input! Y'all really helped me come up with a list I think is perfect.



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