Wednesday, August 11, 2010

beyonce is annoying even in advertisements

I try to give Beyonce a second, third, fourth chance with everything she does, but it never really ends up successful.

Her new Dereon ads are out now and she looks hott in the pictures....

...BUT [I'm sure you expected the but] her video proves that she still doesn't have much of an imagination.

Cue the leotards, anything that can show her booty and legs, and lots of very sexual movement/dancing.

The only thing she's missing are her two backup dancers!

Look, I get it: She's hott, and if she's got a body, why not flaunt it?! I'm all about that! I was okay with her first and maybe even second video that included a leo, a dance breakdown and two backup dancers... But now it's getting way too predictable for my liking.

PLUS: Is she really selling clothes in any of this!?

Maybe one day I'll meet her and have to apologize for all the trash talking, but in the meantime, I'm here to speak my mind as usual.


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