Wednesday, July 21, 2010

tunes on tuesday 072010

It's after midnight, I know... You'll have to forgive me! I'm still givin' you all the hott new music, though!

Bruno Mars--> Just The Way You Are

I. Love. This. Song. Bruno Mars may take over the radio. Just sayin'.

Usher ft Pitbull--> DJ Got Us Fallin in Love

Radio peeps are goin NUTS over this song! I think it'll take some time to grow on me, even with as much as I love Usher. I don't know why... Just didn't hit me at the right time I guess.

Alexandra Amor--> Superstar

I may or may not be biased because she's following me on Twitter and did a HUGE campaign for me tonight so I love her for that, but I'm diggin' this song too! It's super pop, almost like 90s pop. Hearts.

David Archuleta--> Something About Love

I'm over him. I've moved onto cuter things like Justin Bieber. It's nothing special. Meh.

James Kenney--> My Girlfriend

A better singer could have made this song better, if you ask me. It's time for no talented robots to take a bow and peace out, not come onto the scene.

Kid Cudi ft. Kanye West--> Erase Me

Hmmm.. I'm not in love with this. Again with the robotic noise.

Travie McCoy--> Need You

This is totally catchy. I won't mind playing it on the radio over and over again if you really want me to.

Train--> If It's Love

Okay so this isn't brand new, but I don't think I ever posted it and it's my new favorite song. I blast it a lot. Train- Welcome back.

Kenny Chesney--> The Boys of Fall

Kenny songs about the Fall time?! Could this be a new theme?! Either way- it starts out talking about football. I love it.

Josh Kelley--> Georgia Clay

He's Katherine Heigl's hubby and the bro of one of the Lady A guys, and his song is super sweet. Listen to the recorded version, you'll love it even more.

Danny Gokey--> I Will Not Say Goodbye

Ah. So emotional coming from him and with the video! Like everything he does- it's a really beautiful song.

Josh Gracin--> Covergirl

Two Idols in one post! WOOP! I'm biased. You know this. I love him. I love everything he does.

Reba--> Turn On Your Radio
She's ruling the Country world again! Nuff said.

That's all! Good stuff this week! Enjoy!


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