Wednesday, July 21, 2010

on the racks: lilo does gq

Lindsay may have headed to jail today, but she's not completely disappearing. She's the next cover girl of GQ!

Alright, so it's the German GQ, but she's still on the cover and she looks HOTT. Talk about going to jail on a high note!

My favorite quote in the article is this one about how the game has changed since she first started:

"When I started working in the industry, I wanted to get to the very top, and I was painted as something completely different from what I really was. Nowadays in Hollywood, it is so much more about celebrities and gossip, which can distract many great actors from their actual ability. The public comes to know so much about these people that it gets superimposed upon on their work in movies."

It all goes back to giving people a little privacy and knowing them for their talent. I hate that it's all about personal lives and paparazzi now.

As crazy as you've become, stay strong, LiLo. We'll see you back on the good track in no time.... Hopefully.


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Anonymous said...

her belly button is nonexistent on the first picture, normal in the second, and wicked high up in the third. wtf, photoshop?