Tuesday, July 20, 2010

get ready for national dance day!

If you didn't know, July 31st is National Dance Day!! Exciting, right?! What's more exciting: The peeps from So You Think You Can Dance are trying to get flash mobs ACROSS THE NATION!

You know these are my favorite things ever. You know I've been trying to be a part of one for SO long.

Now's the chance to make it happen.

DC Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes-Norton already approved the idea to do it at Malcolm X Meridian Park with special guest Nigel Lythgoe! DC kids- BE THERE. Tape it. Send it to me. I credit you. We all smile.

BCS peeps! We have to make this happen! I don't know where yet, nor do I know the time, but I know if I get enough people to comment below and say they're down to make it happen, I'll start planning it tomorrow.

In the meantime- ALL of you can make sure you learn the special dance! Seriously... Tabitha and Napolean from SYTYCD made up a special, easy routine for everyone to do that day! AMAZING.

Mark your calendars, let me know if you're down, and learn the dance- because I'm not fakin'! I wanna make this happen! If you're not in the DMV OR the BCS, plan one for your area too! I'll help if needed. This is going to be epic.


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Miss Sarcastic said...

It saddens me that no one commented. I WOULD SO BE DOWN FOR THIS! This would be awesome in the BCS!