Tuesday, June 22, 2010

watch: mtv tj promo

O... M... G...

I'll be honest... I didn't know how this little competition would go. I had no idea if it would be a big deal or not. Apparently- It's going to be pretty huge.

Someone told me they saw me on a promo on Spike yesterday, and apparently it was shown a bunch of times.

Thankfully fellow TJ contestant Rolfe captured it and put in on YouTube for all of us to see!

Wowza. It may only be a small picture, but that's SWAY talking about ME! [and 17 other people... but who cares?!]

I'm freakin' pumped. Thank you to EVERYONE who's helping out to spread the word! You're amazing!


PS: I also took it upon myself to make an uber sweet MTV logo just like I used to for Real World DC! Holler!

1 comment:

KOKONUT said...

Girl I'm so impressed by your hustle!!!! lol I was showing one of my friends all the TJ videos yesterday and she was like, "Why is [Elizabethany] the only one who has any energy??"

Im uber excited for you. UBER.